Creating a new ice cream brand.

I'm working with a local ice cream shop with ambitions to become a national brand. They’ve taken a fresh look at a familiar product and come up with a whole new approach. My role, I believe, is to help them sharpen their thinking and then bring those ideas to life as designs that support their growth. The exciting part is that we are starting from scratch: by developing a new name for their company. 

In developing a name, we talked about what inspired to the two founders to pursue this business in the first place. That conversation touched on some personal motivations as well as trends in the food industry. One of the founders, a father of two, spoke about his desire to provide “real” food for his daughters without sacrificing the joy of eating ice cream. Both partners described the satisfaction they feel in creating a product that makes people happy. 

We all scream for ice cream - and the data. Interestingly, current research into the ice cream market shows that customers are moving in this direction. One report we read discussed the tension between the healthy living trend and customer behavior. It stated: “Retail sales of frozen yogurt and non-dairy ice cream fell 10% in the last two years. Meanwhile, sales of ice cream and frozen dairy desserts grew by 7% between 2014 and 2016.” In other words, people still want to indulge in rich, flavorful ice cream.

I’ll eat that really yummy dessert and then work out for an extra 20 minutes. Absolutely. 

Our goal is to create a brand that lives with this tension. To provide people with an opportunity to indulge without feeling guilty about also eating a bunch of chemicals. 

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Jeff Sugarman

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