The Boston Breakers Sink

My daughter (8) is an enthusiastic soccer player. When she's not playing, she loves to read books featuring people who play soccer. Father-daughter time frequently means kicking a soccer ball back and forth. When she asked to go see the Boston Breakers, I thought: great idea! It would be a fun outing for the whole family and my daughter could see women who play the game professionally. Maybe she'd find a new role model. So I was totally surprised and disappointed to learn that The Breakers had disbanded back in January. 

In trying to explain this unfortunate turn of events to my daughter, I couldn't help thinking about it from a brand perspective. Aside from the fact that there were women players instead of men, I couldn't think of anything unique about the team. Yes, they were a very talented team but that wasn't enough. From a brand perspective, the simple answer is that they failed to provide a compelling reason for sports fans to chose their team over the other options. 

Where did The Breakers go wrong? It would be great to see a case study on this. I bet there would be some good lessons to learn. There's an article in the Boston Globe that poses some interesting thoughts.

Were you a fan? What do you think went wrong? More importantly, what do you think it will take to have a successful women's (soccer) team in Boston? I have a daughter who is ready to cheer on a team. 

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