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  • Brand Strategy
  • Package Design 
  • Product Logos 
  • Brand Guide 
  • Creative Direction & Design Implementation 

The Objectives

1. Elevate Staples brand presence throughout the retail environment. 
2. Improve shopping experience for customers. 
3. Maintain overall packaging costs. 

The Solution 

The design system established a level of consistency across every Staples Brand Product while designating specific opportunities for customization within a specific product category. 

To simplify the visual presentation, every product category was grouped into one of three super-categories: Office Supplies, Technology, and Furniture. Using Staples brand as a foundation, each super-category was assigned a set of unique attributes that described a personality and graphic style. As a result, Staples Brand Products become much easier to spot throughout the store. 

One of the biggest challenges of this assignment was to clarify good, better, and best products within the entire product assortment. Our solution was to develop a “quality matrix” which established packaging standards for good, better, best; regardless of the super-category a product sat in. The quality matrix provides definitions of each level and guidelines for color palette, nomenclature, product image, packaging materials, finish, and form factor. This enabled customers to quickly assess the relative value of any given product. 

The Validation 

In follow-up research, 83% of customers indicated they thought the new packaging contained a higher quality product than the old packaging. We saw a parallel increase in positive word association with Staples brand products. Furthermore, 77% of customers were able to correctly rank the packaging in the good/better/best progression, and were better able to identify the product they wanted. This significantly improved their shopping experience. 

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Staples Connect product branding:  read the full story here.

Staples Connect product branding: read the full story here.