1. Elevate Staples brand presence throughout the retail environment. 
  2. Improve shopping experience for customers. 
  3. Maintain overall packaging costs. 

Key Insight: value = price + quality

The creative team conducted a series of conversations with key stakeholders and reviewed data from the customer insights team. Key finding was the expectation customers had that a private label brand should provide a better value than national brands. 

The Path Forward

We developed a strategy for consistent branding on all Staples brand products, while still allowing for adaptation that various categories required. To accomplish this, we developed a matrix to organize the assortment. Using Staples brand as a foundation, each category was assigned a set of attributes that described a personality and graphic style. Products in every category are also aligned to a measure of quality.  


In follow-up research, 83% of customers indicated they thought the new packaging contained a higher quality product than the old packaging. We saw a parallel increase in positive word association with Staples brand products. 77% of customers were able to correctly rank the packaging in the good/better/best progression, and were better able to identify the product they wanted. This significantly improved their shopping experience.