Ora SBG Story-connect1_1400x900.jpg


  1. Position Staples as a leader in the home automation market. 
  2. Develop a unified brand across online and print media. 

Key Insight: Empower customers with knowledge and choices

The market for home automation was evolving into a series of closed systems, where each brand had its own proprietary "language." In each system, customers found that some products worked better than others; and that some systems had more products than others. This forced customers into choosing the "least bad" package – where a package may have one or two products they liked but not the best one for each application they needed. 

Staples Connect was introduced to solve this problem. By acting as an interpreter between any group of products, people are empowered to pick the individual connected products that best met their needs. With the Staples Connect at the core, people could build their own unique network of connected devices. 


  1. Because home automation is a new technology, Ora provided Staples with a brand guide that emphasized educating interested customers.  
  2. Tagline and a modular copy deck that could be applied entirely or in part, as needed. 
  3. Package design for the Connect hub and a series of home automation kits.