Ora developed the name, tagline, logo, and accompanying brand elements

Branding in the Star Wars universe. 

“What do all those people on the Death Star do when they’re off duty? I bet they drank beer. Probably dark beer.” And with that comment, a side project was born. With so many richly developed cultures, it’s fun to imagine what kinds of brands would have evolved to serve the needs of everyday people in the Star Wars universe.    

bold graphics, confident language and dramatic photographs of renewable energy resources convey the passion of the ampion brand.
the ampion website Utilizes a couple of core principles from landing page design: it clearly describes the benefits of the service and has a clear call to action. 
to assist the ampion sales team, ora created a branded  powerpoint template

The brand system Ora created for The Imperial Brewery consists of: 

  • Brand Name
  • Logo 
  • Package Design  
  • Illustration  
  • Several Ewoks may have been harmed while creating this project. 

 The Imperial Brewery. 

In response to that first question, about life on the Death Star, we imagined there would be a brewery to provide beer to all those people who lived and worked onboard. And because this is The Galactic Empire we’re talking about, we’re assuming that small, independent breweries would not be tolerated. The Empire would most certainly have its own standardized, mass–market product. The Imperial Brewery was born. 

What is thy bidding, my Master? – The Imperial creative brief. 

The Emperor has commissioned The Imperial Brewery to launch a line of dark beers for the enjoyment of the Empire’s loyal servants. As an official brand of the Empire, The Imperial Brewery demands packaging that reinforces the Imperial brand: power, strength and order. 

Important symbols of the Empire’s eternal brand include the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station (aka The Death Star), the intimidating Star Destroyers, The agile TIE-Fighters, and the Imperial crest. The Empire’s officially sanctioned color palette includes black, grey, and white. Sparse use of gold, silver, and red is deemed acceptable. Mostly, the Empire prefers black. The motto of the Galactic Empire is “Empire united over all.”